Carolina + Luca

Hi everyone, we’re Carolina and Luca, respectively an engineer and an enologist, we first met in 2004 and since then we never left each other.
Actually we decided to grow up, together.
We know how to be serious. but also how to kid ourselves.

Valfaccenda was founded in 2010 as a stock of ideas and quickly became a solid life project.

She designed the graphic dress of Valfaccenda and he outlined the goals with a (self) critical and reflexive approach.

She definitely changed her life becoming step by step a winemaker, he first understood how to handle the vineyard as a enologist consultant and then he began to work on his own vineyards.

We used to be the young ones, the new ones, at the very beginning we worked by hand all our vineyards, simply because we didn’t have a tractor and we vinified without a proper cellar. Gradually we grew up, we began to understand where we were and where we’ve wanted to go.

Today we spread the essence of a land and territory: the Roero.

Valfaccenda is Roero.
Valfaccenda is Carolina together with Luca.
Valfaccenda is Carolina together with Luca in Roero.