Our home and the home of our wines.

An early century farmhouse in a specific valley indicated in cadastral map as ‘Valle Faccenda’, where the very first written trace of Faccenda family goes back to 1749.

A farmhouse built in 1929 grandad Leone Faccenda and restructured the very first time in 1985 by Silvio and Dina Faccenda, Luca’s parents. A building that immediately seems different from other classic country properties.

During the current renovation phase (2016-2020 curated by Carolina and Luca) we’ve considered this past history, keeping alive some found objects and rethinking all spaces, with a special focus on everything has been done before us by who took care of the ‘Cascina’.

This place firstly became our home, then our cellar with tasting room and finally a little and cozy tourist accommodation with rooms.

For us ‘hospitality’ means welcoming you to our dynamic microcosm.

Please, feel at home, don’t do anything, look at the wonderful landscape from the tower, read a book paired with a glass of our wines, take a walk among the vineyards or come with us in the cellar. Please patiently consider that you’re in a farm and agriculture lives on seasons; that’s why in some periods we need to be active from early morning!

Take part to Valfaccenda experience:

visit our rooms!