Vinify a territory.

We strongly believe that a wine may exist only as a natural consequence of a territory and as a result of a pondered approach both in vineyard and in cellar.

We make authentic wines that are strongly characterized by Piedmont and Roero taste.

Our wines should transfer its origin to the drinker: the scents of the vines and the taste of the grape, the health of the plant and the gurgling of the barrel.

We work in the same way both in the cellar and in the vineyard: our wines are the result of a vinification that do not take away or add anything to the natural transformation of the grapes, since we believe in a conservative enology.

We would basically call our wines Roero; they are Nebbiolo and Arneis, the real expressions of different vineyards and of our work. The taste is strongly marked by sands and sea fossils and these wines may sometimes confuse and displace; actually there are Nebbiolo more expressive by nose and Arneis more remarkable by mouth, in a rhythmic succession of hues, aromas and flavours.